Chief marketing officer

as a service

Outsourced marketing manager or outsourced marketing directorStone Junction's CMOaaS (Chief Marketing Officer as a Service) offering provides a cost-effective solution for scientific, engineering, and technology businesses that require the expertise of an experienced marketing manager.

For a fixed daily fee, Stone Junction embeds a member of its team, with a minimum of three years of relevant experience, in the organisation to oversee marketing activities. The CMO acts as a part-time marketing manager for a client's business for between four hours and two days per week.

Flexible service

The service is sufficiently flexible that the days on which the CMO operates can be moved to suit the client and it is intended to operate for 46 weeks of the year, allowing for holidays. However, during the remaining six weeks of the year, another member of the Stone Junction team is on hand to deal with any problems.

Normally operating virtually, but available to attend key meetings, events or trade shows, the CMO provides strategy, planning and organisation, including writing and developing sector specific strategic marketing plans. For instance, they might organise every aspect of an exhibition or event, book advertising or arrange customer events and webinars.

“The unique part of Stone Junction’s service is that they are able to plan and strategize at the highest level, but also deliver on that strategy in the best way possible across a range of highly technical sectors,” Harel Boren, CEO of SwarmOne, founder and former CEO of Inspekto

Normally, the CMOaaS facility is supported by a digital marketing communications campaign, run by Stone Junction, which includes the things that a marketing manager would typically outsource, such as PR, content, design and search engine optimisation.

Cost effective outsourced marketing

Outsourced marketing manager or outsourced marketing directorBy using this service, the organisation in which the CMO is embedded can save money, because hiring a marketing manager with similar experience in these sectors would cost a minimum of £35K per year in salary alone, before benefits and employment costs.

Moreover, the CMOaaS includes access to all the software and support required to run a successful campaign, eliminating the need for the organisation itself to invest in these tools, saving a further £10K per year, approximately.

Finally, the CMO has the support of Stone Junction's industry leading, award winning, marketing team, which has hundreds of years of experience in the science, engineering and technology sectors, providing the client with an answer to almost any question that could be asked.

Typically, each organisation using this service saves between £13.5 to £25K per year, when compared to hiring a permanent marketing manager, before considering the cost saving and flexibility of a zero HR burden.

To find out more about Stone Junction’s CMOaaS offering, email or call +44 (0) 1785 225416.

Contact us or call +44 (0) 1785 225416.
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