Why should you hire a technical digital marketing agency?

Online marketing has become a vital part of marketing your business in 2022. Get this, in 2020, a technology business was created every half an hour — so you see the scale of competition you’re up against, and why you need experts to help your brand get the visibility it deserves.

As we all know, the high street is dying, so having an online presence is more important than it ever has been. With STEM sector businesses, we realise how much time and effort is involved when it comes to product research and development — you just don’t have time to handle every facet of digital marketing that has become essential in recent years.  

So, as experts in all things engineering, technical and digital, why don’t you let us handle it? 

How we can help your business

  • Content creation

    Have you ever heard the saying, ‘content is king’? Well, that’s because it is. Your website's content is crucial. Apart from to view your products or services, it is one of the key reasons why people will visit your site. Solving informational queries through the power of content and providing value to readers is a great way to build up trust with potential customers and make them choose you.

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  • SEO

    With thorough keyword research and the most up-to-date SEO practices, we can help you to accomplish higher organic rankings ­and increased visibility in the search engines. By utilising the whole mix of technical, on-page and off-page SEO practices, we can increase your traffic and get you showing up on that all important first page. We will also track analytics and user behaviour in order to optimize your conversion rate.

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  • Social media

    In order to prosper online in 2022, you need to have a strong social media presence. However,  it’s something that a lot of brands are still neglecting. We have creative social media managers that can build personalised strategies designed to drive sales, increase brand awareness, drive engagement and increase your follow count.

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  • PPC advertising

    Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a strategy that can quickly position your company at the top of search engine results. Organic search optimisation tends to be more of a long-winded solution, which is becoming more challenging with the growing number of companies and websites. PPC can almost act like a short-cut — it shoots you to the top of the google rankings for your search term instantly. Our team of experts can create advertising strategies which include targeted ad copy, bidding strategy and devise targeting strategies.

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  • Email marketing

    We all delete hundreds of spammy emails every day from our inboxes, but there’s that one needle in a haystack every now and again that gets you to click, right? Well, we create those types of emails — ones that get people to click and go to your website. It’s about providing value and giving your subscribers a reason to click. We can create eye-catching, personalized emails and promotions for your company, monitor your email campaign, and build you a subscriber list designed to drive sales.

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  • Graphic design

    The visual aspect to your digital marketing campaigns has become hugely important for capturing eyeballs in recent years, as people have less and less time and desire a hassle-free browsing experience. It is especially important in the engineering and technology industries where your audiences are naturally visually led people. We have a team of specialist in-house graphic designers that do everything from magazines to website graphics — all designed to draw your audience in.

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  • Photography

    Our experienced in-house photography team can produce product shots, site photos, event coverage, corporate portraits and creative content for visual campaigns. Working closely with our campaign strategists to ensure visuals are in keeping with your corporate identity and campaign messaging, photography is an essential tool in technical storytelling.

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  • Podcasting

    Podcasting can help you to engage new audiences and create a platform for thought leadership, ensuring you lead conversation and gain a competitive edge. What’s more, this content can be repurposed as social, editorial or visual content across the rest of your campaign. Whether you want to be a guest on an existing show or launch your own corporate podcast series, Stone Junction’s experts can show you how.

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  • Video

    Video is an incredibly versatile tool in B2B marketing, that can boost conversions and sales, build trust, appeal to mobile users, encourage social shares and, when done well, impact on search. From monthly social videos to corporate talking head-style features, our creative team can script, direct, produce and edit your video content to ensure it speaks to your technical audience.

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Ignoring online marketing is like opening a business but not telling anyone

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