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When the sales team is asking for more support and the board is breathing down your neck, you need access to information about your PR campaign quickly. It needs to be easily understood and presentable. Above all, it needs to be honest, with the successes highlighted and the failures discussed and solutions presented.

Ultimately though, it needs to be more than just a bunch of numbers. This is where the over used term 'strategic communications' really comes into play. How can your PR improve? How can it integrate more closely with other elements of your marketing communications? Where does it sit in your marketing mix at present? What will your company be doing in twelve months time and how should we be preparing the media today?

Large Company PR | Technical PR | International PRSo, if the most creative thing your current agency does is report, Stone Junction might have the approach you are looking for. Before a campaign begins, we analyse what you want to achieve and how you would like to measure our success. Then we add the spark of creativity and the technical understanding the campaign needs to function. Then we keep you constantly informed on our progress. Simple.

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