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Science PR is amongst the most maligned areas of public relations and the media. Get it right for the public and you will be accused of dumbing down. Get it right for the academic and professional world, and you will be told that you lack an understanding of the public consciousness.


A specialist science pr agency

Stone Junction provides the skills and contacts to deliver both effectively. We are as comfortable communicating the results of a piece of scientific academic research to the consumer media, as we are drafting articles for the most rigorous academic journals.

Our approach rests on a foundation of excellent writing skills, key media contacts and the ability to extrapolate, from a complex set of data or messages, the stories that will turn your research into tomorrow's headlines.

The word 'story' strikes right to the heard of the issue. Scientific communicators are not scientists; we are storytellers. We are able to find the human impact or interest in the most obscure scientific concepts without impairing or undermining the research.

The bottom line is that we know how to interest your audience, while also keeping the research credible and interesting for scientists.


What our science PR clients think

"Stone Junction allowed us to bring our story to a whole new set of audiences in Europe and worldwide. Moreover, their fresh, fun and creative approach to STEM PR led us to engaging ideas that connect wonderfully with the general public,"


Rocket science PR? Life science PR? We've got you.

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Unlike much of Stone Junction's work in technology and engineering, the key objective of our science PR campaigns is to generate thought leadership, position the author or authors of the work, or their institution, and raise awareness of the subject.

Generating sales isn't necessarily part of the equation. although sometimes it can be, measurement could be perceived as - excuse the pun - not a very precise science. Because we understand the importance of evaluation, Stone Junction is able to offer a suite of measurement services that allow you to precisely gauge the understanding you have created amongst your target audience.

We deliver a science PR service that generates measurable results. This means it can be reported back to a funding authority with clarity.


STEM is what we do. 

Stone Junction is a Stafford based specialist technical PR agency with a diverse team of 35 members designed to cover all aspects of PR. Between us, we speak 13 languages and boast a team with a wide-range of qualifications. 

Since 2015, we have won 33 technical PR and marketing awards. 

With recognition for our specialist technical PR work, we have been the reigning CIPR and PRCA Outstanding Consultancy in the Midlands since 2018. We also feature in the Top 150 UK agencies, Top 50 B2B agencies40 Technology PR agencies and Top 50 Agencies Outside London.

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If you want to talk to us further about our science and scientific PR campaignsget in touch with Stone Junction today, or call +44 (0) 1785 225416. Alternatively, discover our other areas of expertise here. 



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