Caught in the middle?

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It's easy getting press coverage as a start up business. Your company is probably entrepreneur-led and you may well be founded on one really big idea. The press probably love you. It's also pretty straightforward as a large company because you have thousands, or tens of thousands, of staff constantly developing newsworthy products and services.

But as an SME it's not quite so easy. You have to balance sales-led PR with preparing your company's media profile for a larger role in your industry. Where do you get the right strategic and tactical advice, as well as the right media coverage?

This is where Stone Junction's SME service comes in. Our newshounds can sniff out the stories that exist within your company and apply the right techniques to turn them into positive media coverage. We can strike the right balance between sales and opinion focused tactics. 

Small business PR | b2b PR | Technical PR

We can also obtain the coverage you need to prepare your company for its long-term target, whether it's an IPO, private sale or simply growth.

If you are trying to find the right balance and struggling for profile or growth, call +44 (0)1785 225416 or email today. Additionally, check out engineering PRtechnology PR and IT PR

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