Time and again people come to us and sheepishly ask about 'this blog thing'. What they really want to know however is how to go about making theirs work for the company. Who should author the posts and what exactly should they write about? 

If you are wondering whether a blog can help promote your business, then my answer would be a loud yes. Blogs, unlike company websites or newsletters, allow for a different tone and are generally more engaging for the reader. They are the best place to write opinions, comment on the business environment, and most importantly, entertain the reader. By displaying character and personality you communicate with potential clients at another level and create a relationship outside of the hard sell of your marketing materials.

But there's a catch; maintaining a blog requires time, effort and discipline. Many companies task their employees with coming up with topic ideas and then writing the posts. However, chances are they are not natural copywriters, so they will feel burdened and eventually stop updating the blog.

Time is another issue; a skilled writer can knock out the 400 words needed for a post in about an hour, but if you make a living from designing blue widgets, writing a snappy and engaging blog post can take an entire day. And what if the muse is nowhere to be found that day? What then?

The solution is simple and less costly than you might think. Outsourcing your blog posts to a professional copywriter will not only save you precious time, but in the long run will also mean that you are making a saving.

Furthermore, an expert would be able to create a plan for the entire year and find the right topics that will position your business as an opinion former. They would also ensure that the blog is updated and maintained regularly, which very hard to achieve in house.

Finally, the quality of the content you can get from a professional writer will most definitely be greater than that which a busy member of your team can do. And what about that writing muse? Well, as copywriters, we tend to chain the muse to our desks so we never run short of inspiration!

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Richard Stone - CHART.PR, MCIPR

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