Recently the news has seen 17 year old Paris Brown thrown into the spotlight. For those unaware of the story, Paris Brown was the UK’s first youth police and crime commissioner and was found to have made offensive comments on Twitter. 

Although the tweets, which also made reference to drugs and alcohol, were made over two years ago this caused a storm throughout the UK. The story has been covered by almost all the news channels in the past month and as a consequence, the youngster has been forced to step down from her £15,000 a year role.

Even today, whilst reading my copy of PRWeek, I came across the story yet again but this time, I decided to do a little bit more research into the topic. I searched the internet for exactly what she had said.

Initially, what I found surprised me. This is not because I was offended by the Tweets but because I was stunned at what a big deal the press has made about them. Speaking as someone who is only two years older than Paris, I see these types of tweets everyday by other people in my age range.

Perhaps, I have become desensitised by what the mature generation sees as offensive. This young girl was hired to give a point of view from her age group and ironically, has stepped down for doing just that.

I'm starting to sound biased but the truth is I’m on the fence. This is because I understand the importance of social media and I'm aware of its presence in today’s society.

I believe that it’s essential for social media accounts to be managed correctly and this story proves that without the correct supervision it’s easy to have your company’s reputation tarnished – regardless of size.

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