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It's simple really – we talk to interesting people about technology, we turn our research and interviews into scintillating copy and then we tell the people important to your business about it. Those people might be journalists, internal stakeholders, customers or a social media audience.

content PR | content marketing | digital content creationThe key is that we are actually interested in the technologies we write about – and you have to be interested to be interesting.

Nearly all of our services fall into two categories – media relations and content PR. This means that as well as being a traditional PR agency, we are a digital marketing agency, a digital content creation agency, a brand development agency and a social engagement agency.

We offer an integrated approach to communications that works alongside other marketing disciplines. We provide specialist advice that generates results for technical and technology companies. And we work closely with our clients to generate return on investment.

The bottom line is that Stone Junction is able to get to the core of what our clients do. Whether that's manufacturing automation equipment, delivering cyber security, providing high availability servers for industry or selling inverters, we know that the most important thing is to understand your businesses and technology, and to really care.

But don't take our word for it. Caroline Law, marketing and sales expert at the Global Group of Companies, says, "Stone Junction's consultants are able to reach right into the heart of their client's businesses and understand the most important things about a company. This translates into great results."

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From strength to strength

Rachael Duckworth, marketing manager of Beckhoff Automation UK

"For the past four years, Beckhoff has had the pleasure of collaborating with Stone Junction as a technical PR partner. During this time, we have found that their expertise and skills have complemented our own, filling critical gaps in our company without incurring the high costs associated with in-house solutions. Working with the Stone Junction team has been a joy. They have a great balance of following our lead while also providing us with creative and innovative ideas. It's clear that they are passionate about their work, and their enthusiasm is infectious."

Rachael Duckworth, marketing manager, Beckhoff Automation UK

Technical PR | Engineering PR | Technology PR

“Working with Stone Junction has greatly supported our move into the UK marketplace. The team shapes our views into messages that make an impact and put us in front of key prospects and political figures, while earning the praise and recognition of our global suppliers.”

Robin Buxton, sales and marketing engineer, Novotek UK

Technical PR | Engineering PR | Technology PR

"Stone Junction was able to grasp Inspekto’s overall company strategy extremely quickly and understood how its PR fit into our business objectives. I don’t see Stone Junction as our agency, but an extension of our own team."

Harel Boren, CEO, SwarmOne, former CEO of Inspekto

Technical PR | Engineering PR | Technology PR

"Renishaw has worked with Stone Junction since 2014, primarily supporting our additive manufacturing business and corporate communications teams. They are highly proactive, constantly generate new ideas for content and have become a much-valued communications partner. I am not surprised that they have gained significant numbers of new clients in recent years and have won many awards for their campaign work"

Chris Pockett, head of communications, Renishaw plc

Clive Jones GHT

"We started working with Stone Junction in 2012, since then they have significantly raised our profile in a number of key areas, which has led to direct sales enquiries from coverage in key trade publications. We also received coverage in national newspapers as a result of their rapid response work.”

Clive Jones, managing director and CEO, Global Group of Companies

Nigel Smith, TM Robotics

"For nearly six years, Stone Junction has delivered a highly effective technical PR campaign, as well as a range of other marketing services. During this time, our online PR results were outstanding, and our sales trebled. Trade and national press results helped build our voice into one of the most dominant in the industry."

Nigel Smith, Chief executive officer, TM Robotics

We started to work with Stone Junction in April 2014 and I could tell right away that this team knows what matters in technology PR. The markets we operate in and the language we use are very technical and it needs a lot of know-how, training and research to get messages across. Stone Junction have brilliant ideas and solutions for the full PR range and I’m excited about what’s coming up next."

Julia Angerer, public relations manager, Copa-Data

Our Clients
  • Technical PR for industrial computing - Beckhoff
  • Engineering PR campaign for Renishaw by Stone Junction
  • Engineering PR and technical PR for WEG by Stone Junction
  • Technical and engineering PR campaign for Sandvik Coromant
  • Technology and Technical PR for PEI Genesis
  • Technical PR for engineering trade shows - Advanced Engineering
  • Automation parts supplier, Foxmere, has appointed Stone Junction
  • Powerdown220
  • White Horse Energy