Grow your business through the power of PR and marketing.

Stone Junction is a Staffordshire-based tech PR agency that specialises in working with companies that operate in the STEM sector.

In 2021, getting noticed isn’t easy, but we’re an agency that possesses every tool in the box needed to take your business to the next level.

We’ve left no stone unturned. We’re experts in all facets of digital marketing and PR, and not only that, but we also have the personality and the vision to make your brand stand out from the rest. 

Experts in the STEM field.

With over half of our employees possessing STEM-based degrees, we have the natural attributes to understand your tech business and what you are trying to achieve.

On top of this, our team speaks a total of 14 different languages between them which allows us to liaise effectively on a global scale.

Our vision

With the work we do and the clients we work with, we like to feel like we are making a difference. Promoting exciting, innovative and sustainable ideas that contribute to advancing society in a positive way is something that drives us to achieve amazing results on a daily basis.  

We also strive on being well… nice people. We have the objective of becoming the best PR agency in the world to work for.

For us, it’s a win-win. Not only do we genuinely care about our employees and appreciate the work they do, but creating an environment people want to work in also helps us to create the best content possible. 

Why choose us?

With competition rising exponentially in the last few years, especially online, marketing alone may not be enough to propel your business into the limelight and see significant results quickly.

PR can often be overlooked and marketing prioritised, so why not utilise both? That’s exactly what we do, and we’re experts at both.

At Stone Junction, our proven formula of Joined-Up-Content is designed to yield positive coverage and visibility for your business.

Joined-Up-Content entails being found, being trusted and being chosen. Check out our case studies to see how Joined-Up-Content has helped other clients we've worked with. 

Technical PR

Our PR sectors include: 

  • Technology 
  • Engineering 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Science 
  • IT 
  • Telecoms 
  • Industrial
  • Energy 
  • Cleantech
  • Automation
  • Electronics 

Digital marketing

We are experts in all things digital marketing including: 

  • Content writing 
  • SEO 
  • Social media 
  • Email marketing 
  • PPC advertising 
  • Graphic design 
  • Photography
  • Video