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The rising influence of social media has revolutionised how we generate sales leads. Marketeers have gone from flicking through old-school phone books, to posting short, choreographed videos on TikTok. The B2B marketing sphere is no stranger to social selling and, while we may be well acquainted with the odd TikTok dance craze, our social selling strategies for B2B companies are far more sophisticated.

Social selling is the art of using social media to seamlessly blend brand and user, forging connections and ultimately generating leads.

By answering questions, responding to comments and sharing compelling stories in your socials you can build brand awareness and warm up those coveted leads. Social selling consists in nurturing relationships with prospects to convert them into lifelong customers.

What makes a social selling strategy?

Identify key platforms. At Stone Junction, we discover the preferred social media platforms of professionals and decision-makers in your industry and connect with them for you. LinkedIn social selling is usually the preferred option for technical companies and we have ample knowledge of the tech, engineering and scientific spaces on LinkedIn.

Build strong long-lasting relationships: Our team actively engages with your prospects to help increasing online visibility and convert followers into loyal customers, creating a social network.

Monitor and analyse results. We regularly track the performance of your social selling efforts. Monitor engagement metrics, lead generation, and conversion rates to refine your strategy based on what works best.

Consider partnership with influencers. Our PR network expands beyond journalists, but to influencers too. Increase exposure and add credibility to your brand by collaborating with well-known figures — we’ll do all the leg work. Explore our influencer marketing page here.

Train your sales team. We can also equip your team with the necessary skills for effective social selling like how to use different social platforms, respond to leads and maintain brand strategy. Training can be delivered virtually, at our Stafford offices or we can visit you in person.

How do we create a successful LinkedIn social selling campaign for technical companies?


Optimise your LinkedIn profile

We will ensure that your company profile and personal profiles are complete, professional and aligned with your campaign goals.


Join the conversation

Instead of focusing solely on self-promotion, we can also participate in industry leaders’ and colleagues’ posts on your behalf. We can tailor your campaign to whatever access level you are comfortable with.


Personalised requests

By sending industry-tailored messages, we can connect you directly with your target audience. We’ve even used this tool to generate qualified sales leads for our clients that have quickly converted.


Run targeted ad campaigns

Want to give your social selling a boost? We can also run targeted ad campaigns. This is a highly targeted and direct method of generating leads. Don’t have any ads to run? Don’t worry, our design department can help put something together.

Ready to generate some social leads?

Stone Junction specialises in a host of social selling services, including LinkedIn blog posts, social videos, social advertising and content production for your brand.

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