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Technical media relations

Media relations is the process of generating media coverage to help position our clients as thought leaders. Over the last 20 years of working in BRB PR, Stone Junction has built a huge database of top journalists in our clients’ sectors, putting us in a great position to generate coverage for our clients.


This coverage can come in many forms. In a lot of cases, trade publications will take full articles contributed by industry experts, as long as they meet certain requirements and aren’t overly promotional. In other cases, journalists might require quotes, statistics or excerpts to include in longer pieces that they are collating themselves. A well as contributing pre-written copy, media relations may also involve connecting our clients to the media for exclusive interview. It takes a good understanding of, and relationship with, each journalist to supply the right kind of content.

How to get media coverage

Generating good quality media coverage require three things: good contacts, killer content and industry knowledge.

Good contacts

Decades of experience working in science, technology, engineering and manufacturing (STEM) markets has led to a global database of journalist connections that we can use to help secure coverage.

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Killer content

Creating technical content that appeals to both search engine algorithms and human readers is a continuous challenge. It involves meticulous keyword research, consistent research of media trends, competitor analysis and ongoing optimisation to stay relevant and competitive.


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Industry knowledge

Good content should be about your customer’s future — addressing issues and challenges that are likely to affect them. As a specialist technical PR agency, Stone Junction is able to work with its clients to identify the trends that are relevant for them.

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Why B2B PR matters

In today’s digital age, establishing a strong reputation and fostering trust within your target market essential for success. B2B PR serves as the cornerstone of effective communication, enabling companies to connect with key stakeholders, industry influencers and potential clients.


Whether you’re looking to launch a new product, expand into new markets, or enhance your thought leadership position, our team of experts can craft B2B PR campaigns that align with your goals.


With years of experience and over 50 awards won for our clients’ campaigns, including Best Use of Media Relations in 2022 and 2020, you can trust Stone Junction to deliver a B2B PR strategy that is insightful, exciting and delivers results.

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