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What makes a good speech in a B2B speaker scenario?

Public speaking opportunities in B2B PR

From Martin Luther King Jr.’s I Have a Dream and Winston Churchill’s We Shall Fight on the Beaches speeches, to Gary Barlow’s announcement of Take That’s split, speaking in public is unbeatable for capturing audience attention. For B2B marketing, public speaking presents an unrivalled opportunity for you to connect with your audience. 

We have ample experience in securing high-profile speaker opportunities for our clients at some of industry’s most influential events — whether it’s Advanced Engineering, the Med Tech Innovation Expo, the Civil Infrastructure and Technology Exhibition, or on a virtual platform, like a webinar or podcast. And our clients are frequently invited back to speak again! 

What makes a good speech? Crafting an audience-winning opportunity

In addition to securing speaker slots, Stone Junction will write or co-write your public presentation that covers everything you want to say, captures the audience members’ imaginations and puts your organisation’s key messages and credentials out there. We also consider the practicalities: will the seminar be ticketed or an open room; what are timings; and who will be in attendance? Leave the logistics to us. 

Like our other B2B PR content, speech writing is founded on deep industry insight, fact and statistics — while always keeping it fresh and building to a close that leaves your audience wanting more. A good speaker opportunity isn’t just a public presentation — it’s about enhancing trust and fostering meaningful connections. 


1)  Before the event  

We forge partnerships with B2B influencers, industry associations and professional organisations. We can help organise the most relevant speaker opportunities for your business — whether it’s speaking in front of key influencers at Advanced Engineering or holding court at the international Future Aluminium Forum. Our team has the contacts to help make it happen.  

Nervous about getting up on stage? Don’t fret. We also offer comprehensive media training. We can help you hone and practice your speech, learn how to be more confident in public speaking and give a note-perfect public presentation on the day. 


2) Content creation  

Speaker events open a myriad of other PR opportunities. This might include writing a thought leadership article to accompany your speech or summarising your talk into an eye-catching graphic for social media. 

Stone Junction’s content is tailored to specific technical industries, niches or audiences; then placed, pitched or published to the right platform — whether that’s with top national or international trade media, on social media or on your website.   


3) Networking  

When you attend a speaker event, we’ll help you get the most from the day. Speaking at events allows you to connect with other professionals, potential clients, partners, and industry influencers. We can even use direct LinkedIn messaging from your own account to meet with other attendees.  

Journalist meetings are also crucial — meeting editors in person really is the best way to establish fruitful, longstanding relationships. We know the media and individual journalists and understand what kind of stories they are looking for. Inviting journalists to your seminar gives them the opportunity to meet you and produce their own influential content. We’ll deal with everything from inviting journalists to meet you, right through to following up to ensure your interview is published. 

Take the mic, and drive your business forward

Public speaking opportunities in PR are an effective strategy for driving business growth. Do you have a speaker opportunity in mind? Contact us today. We can expand your network, increase brand visibility, generate leads, build credibility, educate your audience and create valuable content that would make Winston Churchill and Gary Barlow proud.