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Award entry service

Don’t underestimate the advantages of winning an industry award.

Adding the award logo to your website, email signature, or anywhere visible, and highlighting your status as ‘award-winning’ in PR materials, boosts confidence among current and potential customers while improving your reputation. This not only enhances your technical marketing abilities but can also improve morale and satisfaction in your team.

Building business reputation

Building a good reputation takes time, so it’s crucial to establish a strong foundation from the beginning. Winning business awards can bring significant financial benefits and improve company image both locally and across the broader industry sector.

Here are some ways in which winning awards can benefit your company:

Publicity, brand awareness and visibility

Newspapers are keen on following the success stories of local employers. Similarly, trade media devote a good degree of attention to award wins. In fact, just shortlisting for an award will generate media coverage. This will allow you to make your voice heard and position you as an acknowledged leader.

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New business

Being shortlisted for or winning an industry award will put your organisation in the spotlight and increase the chances of being seen by potential customers. Being an award winning business could be the deciding factor in a new customer choosing to work with you. Everyone likes to be associated with a winner.

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Increased staff performance and motivation

Being an award winning company will increase your employer brand which, in turn, will help attract quality professionals. Ranking in the Best 100 Companies to Work For or any other similar award, for instance, will convey the right message to potential staff.

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What is award entry writing?

Submitting an award entry requires more than mere chance; it demands effort to increase your chances of winning.

Each award and category comes with its unique criteria, including specific questions to address and precise information to provide. Saying “we had a successful year” isn’t enough; you’ll need to substantiate it with evidence of financial performance. Our method for your award submission is similar to our technical marketing strategies. It needs to engage judges, have an interesting story, and convey a clear message.

We can enter your company in a selection of business, trade, industry and local awards. We’ve won manufacturing awards, local and national business awards on behalf of our clients and generated nominations for innovation and technology awards too.

Once we find the most suitable awards for your business, our team handles the entire application process. We create compelling stories that showcase your company’s strengths, gather supporting evidence, and follow all guidelines and deadlines.

Ready to enter some awards?

Feeling inspired to become an award winning business? Trust us with the task of managing your award applications, allowing you to concentrate on the day-to-day operations of your business.

Our main goal is to streamline the application process, thereby increasing your likelihood of success and ensuring that your business receives the acknowledgment it rightfully deserves.

Award entry services from Stone Junction make you feel like a superhero

What comes next?

If you’re interested in learning more about our award entry service, get in touch via email at or give our friendly team a call at +44 (0) 1785 225 416. We’re here to help you seize every opportunity for recognition and success!