PPC campaign management services
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Did you know that traffic which comes from a paid ad is 50 per cent more likely to convert than traffic that arrives from an organic link?

That’s right. In an increasingly saturated business environment, where competition is higher than ever before, sometimes you need that boost. In competitive niches, climbing up the organic rankings can take months.

PPC (pay-per-click) is a paid search online marketing method which involves buying visitors to your site instead of earning them organically over the long-term. While long-term organic strategy should always be an SEO goal alongside the use of PPC, PPC is a quick way to gain instant visibility and traffic to your site, providing you get your PPC strategy right. That’s where we come in.


PPC (pay-per-click) advertising at its base level, is where you pay a small amount for a click on your ad. It’s important to note that PPC does not guarantee sales or enquiries, it merely drives traffic to your site. Converting the traffic into sales comes down to the quality of your website and your landing pages.

When people think of PPC, they normally think of search engine advertising. Specifically, Google Ads is regarded the most popular advertising platform worldwide. It allows businesses to advertise their products and services by appearing in a paid-for space, normally at the top of the search engine.

It does this by showing only for the relevant search terms an advertiser wants its business to show for. So, if you bid for and win the term ‘3D printers’, you would show up at the top of the search engine results for that keyword when somebody searches for it.

Think of Google Ads like an auction system — users will bid for keywords they would like to show up for, and every time somebody searches for that term, Google will decide which companies it showcases in its ad spaces. This is  based on how much advertisers are willing to bid. with more popular keywords being more expensive, and also quality score  the relevance of their ad to their target audience.


There are several factors that determine how effectively your PPC advertising campaign will be. Specifically, we will focus on and manage:


Finding PPC keywords to target

We will constantly monitor for keyword opportunities such as relevant, low-cost, long-tail keywords that will ensure your campaigns are cost-effective, and drive traffic to your site for the lowest cost possible.


Keyword relevance

Researching and putting together relevant keyword lists that relate to your industry. This is one of the most aspects to get right, because it ensures that you get the right traffic and don’t waste your budget.


Landing page quality

Ensuring that the web pages your ad traffic lands on are made with copy designed to promote conversions. Again, traffic is all well and good, but it needs to convert, otherwise it’s useless. If traffic is landing on a subpar webpage, it’s not going to entice them to buy anything.


Quality score

Ensure that your quality score is optimised for Google with excellent landing pages and relevant keywords. If an ad is high quality and relevant to the audience you’re targeting, Google can feature you higher up the ad placements than someone who has bid higher than you.


Marketing copy

One third of all PPC advertising traffic comes because an ad clearly answers a consumers search query. We will create the copy of your ads with enticing titles and descriptions that get people to click.


Manage your campaigns

Ad campaigns aren’t done once you’ve created them. They require constant management and attention. We will ensure cost-effective maintenance of your PPC campaigns.


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