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The electronics sector in the UK is growing stronger and British quality manufacturing is now a seal of quality many OEMs look for. If you design, manufacture, test, sell or simply re-sell consumer or industrial electronics, Stone Junction can help you get the press coverage that will enhance your presence.


Stone Junction is well known among journalists in the electronics press and considered to be one of the most knowledgeable and passionate teams of PR people in the industry.

We are all tech savvy here and we are genuinely interested in your successes and your ambitions. We transmit this enthusiasm to editors, which makes it easy to sell in your stories. After we get the journalist’s interest, we turn him or her into a fan.

How? We simply offer them high quality technical copy. And we do it in a way that caters to each magazine’s editorial standards and needs. The great thing about working with Stone Junction is that we not only understand your technology better than anyone else, but we are capable of finding creative and exciting angles in every corner of your electronics business.

From director level to apprentice, everyone at Stone Junction is trained to write for the electronics media – something that is proven by the hundreds of articles we’ve had published on behalf of our clients. Some pieces were so good that they were chosen by editors to be the front cover story. But don’t take our word for it, e-mail sayhello@stonejunction.co.uk and ask to see some examples.

Moreover, in the last few years there has been increased interest from national and international press on electronics manufacturing in the UK. We hunt down these opportunities and are able to deliver coverage in a variety of high profile publications; where every page is worth thousands of pounds.


What sets us apart from other firms is the fact that Stone Junction is more than a copywriting agency. We offer a wide variety of services to compliment our press office and media relations activity. SEO, e-mail marketing, blogging, social media, digital campaigns, event organisation and speaker opportunities are all managed in-house.

Crucially, we will also provide you with timely updates on ongoing projects. Our team will let you know what we are doing, why we are doing it and how. The best part is that we will also offer updates on success and send you press cuttings in real time.

Electronics PR and consumer electronics PR sometimes involve circuit boards. Well, honestly, they don't, but this PCB looks a bit electronic-y, so that's why we put it in.
Electronics PR and consumer electronics PR and a yellow man with a present. Because.


If you want to read a case study about Stone Junction’s electronics PR work, this one on behalf of smart battery manufacturer Accutronics will convince you.

Our electrical industry PR offering is flexible that it can seamlessly integrate with your other marketing efforts. So, if you are an electronics designer, manufacturer or re-seller that wants to improve its media relations and marketing, get in touch with the Stone Junction team today.