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Public affairs in PR

In addition to our media relations services, Stone Junction excels in forging strategic relationships with key political and institutional stakeholders. This includes MPs, MSPs, civil servants, as well and influential organisations.

Stone Junction is registered with the Office of the Registrar of Consultant Lobbyists (ORCL). This means we are certified lobbyists that can influence key stakeholders transparently, as any good lobbyist should.

We’re more than just a public affairs consultancy. We can plot your stakeholder outreach and use strategic communication to grab the attention of policymakers. Whether you want to influence a cabinet minister or your local mayor, we can help.

Why is public affairs important?

Government bodies have a direct impact on the markets in which our B2B clients operate. Whether you are developing cleantech and want to lobby for investment and support, or you are an engineering firm demanding regulatory change, we can help.

A strong public affairs campaign can complement technical PR efforts by:

  • Passing on industry knowledge and leverage it to shape policy
  • Highlighting challenges that policymakers may not be aware of
  • Building coalitions of support with like-minded interests
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How can my STEM business lobby?

The first step in any public affairs or lobbying campaign is getting to grips with the relevant policies and knowing where to enter the political debate. As an experienced B2B PR agency, we can use our knowledge and experience to jumpstart your campaign.

Using our wealth of experience working the STEM industries, Stone Junction can support with:


Stakeholder analysis

Identifying potential targets of influence, such as MPs, Lords, trade bodies and charities


Develop a comms strategy

Adapting comms strategies based on target stakeholders, and their perceived interest in your campaign


Press coverage

Produce dedicated launch stories for your campaign and, using our media contacts, get you covered in national and trade media


Social media promotion

Improve your campaign’s transparency and keep the public informed by making a social media splash


Stakeholder management

Liaise with stakeholders directly and arrange and attend meetings with them to help promote your cause

Ready to jump into the world of political influence?

Being registered with the ORCL means we can ensure that your campaign will be transparent and completely ethical.

Partner with B2B PR agency Stone Junction to get started. To learn more about our public affairs service, contact us to find out how we can kick-start lobbying project.