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Technology PR, B2B Technology PR and business technology PR can all be summed up by this picture of a brain with this some circuity looking things on.


Stone Junction has a passion for tech. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities that technology companies face in today’s fast-paced digital landscape. From big data, consumer tech and cyber security, whether that’s pen testing or enterprise class security software, to the internet of… well, pretty much everything, we eat, breath and sleep it. We not only understand your technology, but have the skills and high quality connections to promote it to your desired audience through effective communication campaigns.

Our PR campaigns help start-ups and established businesses alike strengthen their brand’s voice and build lasting relationships with important stakeholders. As your dedicated PR and digital marketing partner, we immerse ourselves in your brand, understanding its nuances, strengths, and aspirations. We work closely with your team, offering a seamless and collaborative experience throughout.


Our skills range from media relations and content to analyst work, brand development and social media outreach. So, whether you are looking for print, digital, social or search, you are looking in the right place.

And what’s more, with 25 per cent of our staff degree qualified in IT related subjects, we have excellent writing skills and a wide array of contacts in trade, local, regional and national media. This makes us the ideal choice for your B2B or consumer technology PR campaign.

Stone Junction is one of the most recognised technology pr firms in the industry. Our experience and proven track record  includes working on WorldCom’s crisis communications campaign in 2001, launching the UK’s first VCISO (Virtual Chief Information Security Officer) service and campaigning on behalf of huge industry names such as SAP, Oracle, BT and Cienna.


Our focus is developing interesting and insightful multichannel B2B technology PR and marketing campaigns for our clients, based around research and listening to develop the strongest possible message. With a profound understanding of the dynamic tech landscape, we craft innovative strategies that elevate brand awareness, build trust and drive growth.

Whether you need highly technical product press releases, brand narrative develeopment, strategic consulting or just plain old media monitoring, we will advise on and deliver the campaign that is right for your brand.

And we’re not just about press coverage – even though we think that’s absolutely crucial. We are also about lead generation and nurturing, e-mail marketing and blogging and much more. Read all about the competencies we offer in house on our content marketing page.

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We are a specialist technology PR agency, a corporate affiliate member of the CIPR and full member of the PRCA. We are based in Stafford, Germany and Romania and boast a team of 35 consultants who speak 13 languages between them and are qualified in subjects ranging from IT and electronics to astrophysics and international business.

Stone Junction has won 45+ PR and tech marketing awards since 2015 and has been named as one of PR Week’s Top 40 Technology PR agenciesTop 150 UK agenciesTop 50 B2B agencies and Top 50 agencies Outside London.

We have been either the PRCA or CIPR Outstanding Consultancy in the Midlands six times since 2018 and in in 2020 we were awarded the CIPR’s Mark of Excellence in the Best Specialist Agency category at its national Excellence awards, recognising our specialist work in tech PR and tech marketing.